Posted on: July 25th, 2013


(New Issues Poetry and Prose)

“The sparks fly from the grating of revel on rue, discovery on disavowal, decisiveness on doubtfulness, capacity on inadequacy. These terms of restless struggle become familiar early in Permission…But hovering over the fray is a single, unmistakable, and immovable stipulation – a person reserves the right to strange reverie…” –Ron Slate,

”Katie Peterson’s Permission releases us to explore the unnatural nature of the world. She investigates, with wonder, the ‘puckers in smooth song.’ These poems offer a doubling, proliferating experience: a folding out and a folding in. Like the children’s toy called the Jacob’s Ladder, Peterson’s poems unfurl endlessly without ever denying their ultimate human finitude…” –Elizabeth Robinson

”The haunting poems that make up Katie Peterson’s Permission move, smoke-like, through landscapes, both interior and those belonging to the natural world, landscapes that interpenetrate in often unexpected, sometimes startling fashion. It is a poetry of search, chiefly for completion or wholeness, amidst the world of forms and various weathers, not least the weather of sexual desire, and, almost as if by happenstance, unearthing all manner of wonders along the way.” –August Kleinzahler

”The poems in Permission feel like intimate Persian miniatures with the epic scale of the Western Plains. And vice-versa! The vistas of someone learning what to want, filled with a sane and trusty longing, rivered by the darker streams of something more wary, coolly self-appraising, worried. They’re love poems really. And Katie Peterson is one of the essential poets of her generation, with one of its most distinct and clarifying voices.” –David Rivard

“Strange Litany”