Posted on: July 25th, 2013
The Accounts

The Accounts

(University of Chicago / Phoenix Poets)

“In her astonishing third book, The Accounts, Katie Peterson explores with tremendous lyric precision and emotional power not merely the heartbreak of personal tragedy but also the desire to make a beleaguered world new against the pressure of loss. Ovid’s spirit of metamorphosis haunts these poems…” – Rilke Prize citation, 2014

“Katie Peterson’s impressive poems belong to the school of omission and inference…in their quiet complexity they involve and entrap you in their serious conversation.”—Tony Hoagland

“…Who knew the complexity of grief could be drawn with such shocking simplicity and masterful depth?”—Mary Kinzie

“As the title of this brilliant book suggests, Katie Peterson prizes the plural, the multiple, the still to be said. That earth has given her, as it has given each of us, one story, a story that ends, is the source not only of her outrage but also of her patience: sentences that enact the work of thinking and feeling as if never to end…”—James Longenbach

“…Peterson’s is a careful, serious poetry, difficult in the way that real life is difficult, but clear and chilly as a long-held regret…” —Publishers Weekly

“In her third collection, Peterson confronts a mother’s death and earthly loss. With consistent measure and emotional depth, she creates a coherent world in miniature that mirrors the ever-shortening time frame of life. In one especially innovative sequence, alternating lines collapse into stanzas, recreating the finitude of mortality. Throughout the book, objects find fibrous, sinewy forms, things hewn and woven, lashed together like spirit to body…”
— Diego Báez, Booklist