On the Poems of Heaven (at like starlings)

Posted on: July 25th, 2013

“I’m spending the summer at a ranch that is also a school in the High Mojave, at the edge of the Great Basin, on the California border with Nevada, in a valley ringed with mountains and accessible by two passes. The more tortuous of the passes brings you from California, taking about thirty-five minutes from Highway 395. When I lived here for four years three years ago that drive became like the streets of a real neighborhood. Either to pass the time, or to amuse myself, I divided the road into sections and named the sections: Pinball, The Chute, Tabletop, Topsy-turvy. Nothing special—-just obvious names based on physical properties of the road. I could preoccupy myself with at what point one section ended and another began and re-make the distinctions. I once told a young farmer I’d done this to the road and he smiled to hear it. This farmer once said to me, “you know, people don’t think this, but farmers spend a lot of time in their heads.” Constantly reorienting, the mind is like a Denny’s in a Western town, Always Open. When we sleep, we dream, and when we wake, we’re in the middle of everything.”

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